Thoughts to “make you” think.
Ideas to change your life. 

I’ve been BIG about studying my life for some years now and part of that Work has been sharing it.
I think and feel then share those thoughts and ideas for the possibility that they can be used, like you seeing something here and it moving you to do something in your own life.

I think everything is about potential. Your potential, my potential. Potential. Potential. Potential.

Everything I do is for potential and I do that through attempts at authenticity!
Practicng mine, encouraging yours.

I share potentially life changing things. The work is here; the choice is yours.

To use and be used. Perhaps a greatest compliment and true love.


Send an Elephant!

What could an elephant in a room do for you?

Have you heard the saying “elephant in the room”?

What if nothing is obvious and you could send an elephant to change your relationship with someone right now?

Love snail mail?! Be the one to start it!

Postcards for Instigation
for Sale